Top to Bottom House Cleaning

We Mean Sparkling Clean!!!

Home Services

Home Kitchen and Eating Area

  • General Dusting and Cleaning
  • Sliding glass door
  • Counter tops Cleaned & Sanitized
  • Microwave cleaned inside and out
  • Door and door frames spot cleaned
  • Top and hood of range
  • Facings of all appliances
  • Sinks and faucets Cleaned and Chrome shined
  • Wipe down inside refrigerator
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Outside of range hood cleaned
  • Drip pans or glass top surfaces wiped
  • Fronts of all appliences cleaned
  • Windows sills, ledges, and blinds dusted
  • Exterior cabinets spot cleaned
  • Floors vacuumed and damp mopped
Cleaning House Bathrooms

  • Window ledges
  • Tile, bathtubs, shower, shower doors and vanity
  • Vanity and Sink cleaned
  • Soap dishes
  • Bath and shower mildew treated
  • Mirrors and chrome fixtures cleaned and shined
  • Toilets thoroughly cleaned and sanitized

  • Window sills, ledges, and blind dusted
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Doors and door frames spot leaned
  • Exterior cabinets spot cleaned
  • Floors cleaned and sanitized/ carpets vacuumed
  • Empty waste baskets
  • General Dusting
House Cleaning General Areas and Bedrooms

  • General dusting
  • Sliding glass door if needed
  • Make beds
  • Ceiling fans dusted
  • Lamp shades dusted
  • Intricate items dusted
  • Baseboards
  • Window sills, ledges, and blinds dusted
  • Mirrors and pictures on walls
  • Floors vacuumed and mopped
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Stairs Vacuumed
  • Empty waste baskets
  • Flat surface hand wiped
  • Doors and doors frames spot cleaned

The 1st appointment and Spring House Cleanings include:

  • Cobwebs removed
  • Louvered doors
  • Doors and frames spot cleaned
  • Fans/light fixtures
  • Couch upholstery vacuumed
  • Baseboards damp wiped
  • Clean inside refrigerator
  • Clean inside oven
  • Exterior of cabinets cleaned
  • Inside windows cleaned